Anonymous dating questions

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Anonymous dating questions

- Social Q&A Network is a social network for curious minds who want to know everything there is to know about their friends and colleagues.When you subscribe to (from the app or the website) you're giving people the option of asking you questions and reading your answers. A social network to meet and talk to people around you, anonymously or not.Polls show up in a seemingly never-ending feed, prompting you…. i Answer FREE is an advice column and fun social network THE VERDICT Dragons Hills 2 is the game that will keep you addicted.Ask a question, get an answer, and answer questions. Guide your dragon through a fantastic world full of obstacles that you have to avoid.I got a little hooked on perusing Truth Bombs (I’ve posted a few of them below) and seeing men’s vulnerable questions remind me that there’s not just a sea of conniving cads out there, and that most of us are just looking for someone who really gets them. girls” notion and actually enables people to connect and see how the opposite gender thinks (and sometimes have a good laugh at the sillier questions). (Well, everyone except the dude who felt the need to ask whether girls poop).It’s a bummer that it’s so difficult to be honest with one another face-to-face, but at least this keeps lines of communication open somehow. Can Truth Bombs and similar online features will this help people make smarter relationships?Lulu is most famous for its feature that enables women to rate men they’ve dated and leave comments about their character, but this new Q&A feature, called Truth Bombs, is a whole different animal.The Truth Bombs are anonymous posts that allow guys to ask their most burning questions about love, and enable Lulu users to anonymously reply.

I don’t want to sound grim, but considering how full of pretense the dating world is these days, this kind of thing may be the only way for some people to seek unbiased opinions — and that makes the questions enlightening to read.

Oh, and of course a hilarious way to discover if most of the people share or don't share your opinion. Voice Polls is a brand new application in which people can to give their opinions about debates and controversial questions asked by friends and unknown users.

Tim Busbee's Wonder Polls makes it straightforward. Create your own profile based on your answers and follow people that present polls which really catch your attention. Chat anonymously with users near you - who knows what you might find? If you have been thinking of venturing into the online dating pool but are hesitant to dive straight in, Masque by Indian-based Nimbuzz is a great way to dip your toe in the water.

Tim Busbee's Wonder Polls makes it straightforward. Poll the world and give your opinion on a huge range of subjects, plenty political but including day-to-day personal insights as well.

Show of Hands Polls & Politics is a popular, easy-to-use polling app that allows you to pick the brain of many different users around the world at once.

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I’m always a little wary of “ask a girl” or “ask a guy” columns and other set-ups, because one person’s preference doesn’t represent their entire gender.