Asain dating only in uk

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Asain dating only in uk

In 2005 the government recorded just over 10,000 women coming to the UK from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as part of a marriage.Whatever the reasons are for marrying a woman from "back home", it leaves an even smaller pool of men for British Asian women to fish in.

She later explained: "It's not something I want to do, but if I want to get married it looks like I have to consider it." But while compromise is the option for some, other cultural shifts are emerging.

However, a parent's idea of a suitable boy or girl can of course be very different to what their offspring has in mind.

For young British Asian Maha Khan, setting up an Asian speed dating company was an obvious move.

One website offers a drop-down menu of skin shades.

"Wheatish" appears to be one of the most common categories, with a choice of "wheatish", "wheatish medium" or "wheatish brown".

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'Shade-ism' "Successful, career-focussed Asian women want to find their equal," she says.

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