Dating diva adventures

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Dating diva adventures

During this process of first dates, she met some incredible individuals and learned about common dating faux pas and areas of opportunity that we all have.

The book, Dating Diva Adventures is meant to be lighthearted, fun, and introspective.

Promising new romances tend to bloom after summer flings die.

People seem more energized and focused to find their One this time of year.

I love to design, sew, work with beads, and restore old items. gorgeous scenery especially when least expected, Beautiful fabrics, holding hands with my loved ones, cute clothes, my Faith in God, kindness to me and from me ---the Little things that sometimes mean a lot in life--- Tara from The Dating Divas will be sharing fun ideas you can do on a date with your hubby. I am SUPER excited to be doing a guest post for Sachiko on her creative "Tea Rose Home" blog! Her cardigan makeovers, bag embellishments, and overall creativity just STUNNED me!! I am more of a drill, paint, cut, mod podge, & scrapbook kind-of-gal....I can learn a LOT from Sachiko!!

This blog is a slice of my life of things that are close to my heart. :) When I first happened onto her blog by chance.... I am Tara, one of the *divas* blogging for the website, The Dating Divas.

To learn more about the author visit, Diva Adventures begins with three BFFs in tow, and they created an online dating profile for Lori with a well-known social networking site.

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It is not about the “hunt for a man,” nor is it about marriage or finding a rich sugar daddy. She’s a woman of substance, has her own financial means, and she doesn’t need a man for that, nor do you!

To learn more about the author visit, Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement.

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