Dating for four months

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Dating for four months

Yet the more they saw each other, she says she also wasn't sure that she didn't want to be married either. Now Amy says the shortness of their courtship—just four months from first date to 'I do'—has been a blessing.

"We've have had the opportunity to grow and learn together rather than marrying later when we were more set in our ways."My advice: "Being happily married is something you have to work at.

More than half of all marriages end in divorce, and it's so much harder if you don't really know each other first." (Learn how to your bond happy and healthy with these 5 Relationship Tips from Divorce Experts.)Jane Meronuck How we met: Jane's and Chris's friends knew the two were a perfect match and had been trying to set them for months. How I knew: "We decided to get married because we couldn't find a reason not to.

When they finally met at a party, they realized their friends had been right all along. Neither of us were really looking for a life partner when we met, but we were both a little freaked out by how right it felt."My advice: "If you feel it in your bones that he's the one, go for it.

His smooth moves (and good hygiene—who doesn't love a man who does the dishes? He proposed the very next weekend and within a few months they were married.

How I knew: "I knew he was it because of how easy we talked about important things like money management, our faith, how similar/different our families of origin were, that kind of thing."My advice: "Focus on the important stuff.

Plenty of couples mark many milestones together before deciding whether to take the leap from dating to mating.

I started going out again, and my friend suggested I make a Tinder profile.

"Jen Embry How we met: Push-ups and rucksack runs don't typically inspire visions of romance, but when Jen met a handsome fellow recruit in bootcamp it was love at first sight. But not all of love-at-first-sight stories end happily ever—the two divorced after four years.

Still, Jen says she learned a lot about herself and love from the experience.

Their first date was a July 4th party—by September 4 they were husband and wife.

How I knew: "Labor Day was the only weekend we both had off for the rest of the year!

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