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(this cannot be applied to a Milano escort) If she comes to the dance without a proper date, but a female chaperon, the young woman must “[follow] her protector to a seat and [remain] beside her until she in invited to dance.” She can then dance and chat with men until she is “claimed for the next dance.” And don’t even think about turning anyone down: “No well-bred girl ever refuses a dance to one man and gives it to another.

Typical dances included the waltz and the two-step.

(the entirety of which can be read here) to see if dates in those days were preferable.

Let’s imagine we’re embarking on a typical Saturday night’s social engagements, circa one hundred years ago.

Phew–this is a lot of information already, but if you’re an unmarried woman, there’s even more to remember!

For example, a young woman can only chat with the host or hostess for a few moments if accompanied by her escort.

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No one likes a fishy shake or to feel that their fingers are in a vise!

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