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## 0.0.1 - 2014-05-31 ### Added - This CHANGELOG file to hopefully serve as an evolving example of a standardized open source project CHANGELOG.

## [0.0.3] - 2014-08-09 ### Added - "Why should I care? ## [0.0.2] - 2014-07-10 ### Added - Explanation of the recommended reverse chronological release ordering.

Vandamme is a Ruby gem created by the Gemnasium team and which parses many (but not all) open source project changelogs.

Yanked releases are versions that had to be pulled because of a serious bug or security issue.

When the software changes, people want to know why and how. Things like merge commits, commits with obscure titles, documentation changes, etc.

Healthy criticism, discussion and suggestions for improvements are welcome. While it's easy to think that the name of your changelog file doesn't matter that much, why make it harder for your end users to consistently find notable changes? Releases can be used to turn simple git tags (for example a tag named ) into rich release notes by manually adding release notes or it can pull annotated git tag messages and turn them into notes.

Git Hub Releases create a non-portable changelog that can only be displayed to users within the context of Git Hub.

These reasons, and the fact this date format is an ISO standard are why it is the recommended date format for changelog entries. There's the GNU changelog style guide, or the two- paragraph-long GNU NEWS file "guideline". This project aims to be a better changelog convention.

It comes from observing good practices in the open source community and gathering them.

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The advantage of dates formatted like is that they follow the order of largest to smallest units: year, month, and day.

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