Difference between christian courtship dating

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The key to a good marriage has nothing to do with age.It has everything to do with understanding the meaning and purpose of marriage, embracing that truth and living it.

Don’t allow the temptation toward physical intimacy before marriage to rob you of all that can be yours in that holy and sacred sacrament!

If you discern a call to marriage with each other – you won’t regret that you saved yourselves entirely for each other during this time.

If you live this time of courtship out, storing up your treasure of physical affection for each other, the blessing of physical intimacy in marriage will be all the greater!

Can you see yourself laying down your life for your wife – in denying yourself daily for the needs of your beloved?

In the dynamic of a truly Christian marriage there is no room for domination, only love: true, self-sacrificing, life-giving love.

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And these guidelines will likely change if your relationship evolves to a time of engagement (but not necessarily).

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