Feedburner feed not updating blogger

Posted by / 06-Aug-2017 05:49

Feedburner feed not updating blogger

Login to your Feedburner account and you will see Feed medic alerts which monitors the health of your feed and notifies you if anything bad with your source feed.Click on that link and check whether your feed has problems.

Try this: Reduce the number of feeds in your wordpress reading settings.

For verifying Technorati claim token a few days back when we checked our Feedburner feed it seemed like our feeds were not updated for several posts and it gave as a big shock.

After several researches we found out the solution for Feedburner feeds not updating issue in wordpress and we are here to help with that problem.

Within the next few minutes, they will update their copy of your Hipcast feed on their servers.

Additionally, to confirm your RSS is being generated properly by Hipcast, you can disable the Feed Burner redirect by adding ?

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