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We also explained to her who online predators are, and as scary as it sounds, these people who she’s innocently chatting with, could be predators, who use these images of popular singers and actors to interact online in inappropriate discussions.My husband and I let her know, how much we love her and care about her well-being, and that we didn’t think it was safe to continue.I began to research the hashtag #roleplay and #rp on Instagram and came across thousands and thousands of people using the hashtag and engaging in these fictional, interactive online Instagram stories.Unfortunately, not everyone is innocently assuming the role of Harry potter or a One Direction singer.I am no longer allowing my daughter to have an Instagram account.Many children have Instagram accounts that are under the age of thirteen.In addition, I have used my Instagram as a platform to make an impact, and connect people to style their life within.

In due time, my husband and I noticed that our daughter was becoming a bit more consumed with her Instagram account.I have enjoyed using this app from my phone, as a way to share my life through photos.Instagram has also been a great tool for networking, connecting, staying in touch with friends, and even making new ones.As an avid Instagram user, I allowed my daughter who is almost twelve to have an Instagram account.Many of her peers are on Instagram, a couple of cousins, and her parents, so we decided it would be o.k for her as well.

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  1. Sal daarvan hou om iemand te ontmoet wat oulik is I'm young at heart, like to go out and have a good time, but reeaally enjoy staying at home chillaxing.