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The increased snowpack and cold temps caused far more than the usual winter kill.

The predators did extremely well because of the increased snowpack that gathered the herds even tighter than usual, on heavy snow accumulations that created a wolves dream come true scenario.

Someone recommends the idea of raising license costs to all hunters, after all supply and demand economics formulas say a non-resident elk tag should go for over ,500.

But the resident tag increases get shot down by the commission but everyone likes the idea of sticking to the non-resident hunter a bit more.

Many non-resident hunters are threatening not to apply the following year and the outfitters are starting to make their voices heard.

The state reacts, and cuts the elk tags inside the wolf and winter zones.

Many of the cows and does have aborted their young in order to survive.

The post winter mortality counts come back into the department as an alarming number. So being ever optimistic the state decides to give the remaining quotas just one more year to see if they might bounce back.

After the long cold winter is over the elk and deer that did survive go into the spring in tough shape.

After-all, the counts could have been flawed, there is no way we could have lost that many big game assets in one year, right?

The next fall the hunters are complaining, the harvest stats are coming back very low and things are not looking good on the PR front.

And this is not just a Wyoming, Montana and Idaho problem.

Wolves have already begun to take hold in Washington, Oregon and Utah. And for all of you midwest whitetail hunters out there, sorry, your not safe either.

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The government has devised a plan to expand the Mexican wolf North from Arizona and New Mexico into Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, North and South Dakota and Nebraska to connect with the upper midwest wolf populations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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