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Everything from music recitals, poetry readings, theatre performances and parades take place across the country all culminating in St. It’s a celebration of all things Irish; the language, the culture, the arts, the people.

Us Irish are more than willing to welcome any of you not lucky enough to be Irish to pretend for a while, we’ll teach you all of our ways! Straight after the Seachtain na Gaeilge Galway is invaded by hungry hordes of foodies for Galway Food Festival running from 24 of March.

But, you’ve plenty to be thinking about in the coming months without me detailing any more – but rest assured you’ll hear more about them in the future!

Many events surround the actual food tasting itself such lectures from local producers and chefs and many demonstrations – so if you’ve got a dormant foodie hiding in you, now’s the time to unleash them!

It’s a mini New-York, the city on the west coast of Ireland that never sleeps (alright, maybe on Sundays).

So, what’s in store for the first few months of 2016? Although Galway is the hub of activity on the west coast, the other surrounding areas are no slouches, offering up plenty for the voracious traveller to do.

First run fun filled, upmarket, quality events for single people that are held in popular venues across Dublin.

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So, the season of winter is coming to a close here in Ireland (which we count as November, December and January, which has been a point of contention with many Europeans I’ve encountered before) and as spring rears its sleepy head it brings with it new adventures for a new year.

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