Interracial dating in london

Posted by / 09-Jul-2017 11:07

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According to some on this site, I am not really American because I have black skin!

Thankfully, there are people in the world who do not react with disgust at the site of an interracial couple. I live in London and some people may think that I'm exaggerating but if I leave my house for a considerable spell, no doubt I'll see an interracial couple. I've even seen white guys with black girls (wtf - at least I can see why a lot of black guys for white girls but vice versa?

I know several women who once dated blacks when they were younger and they said they'd never do it again. But even that small minority that race mix, attractive or not, gets on my nerves.

Sometimes I feel pathetic for reacting so strongly to these unnatural couples. Every time I'm reminded of it when I watch the "England" team and I see half of the players are bloody mulattoes. It disgusts me and brings about a sense of doom for our future children of our race...

I'm positive that there is no greater concentration of interracial couples between black males and white females on the planet than in London.

I get more annoyed when I see older interracial couples (30s, 40s).

And sometimes I openly glare at these couples and what I've discovered is that a lot of them actually love that kind of attention. don't see the appeal for the white males in that instacnce).

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I'm a man so naturally seeing black male/white female couples irks me more.

It's gotten to the point that sometimes I dread leaving my house cause I know it's an inevitably that I will stumble across.

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They understand that we are two people who love and care about one another who just happen to have different ethnic backgrounds. don't see the appeal for the white males in that instacnce).

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