Man educated slovenia dating

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Man educated slovenia dating

Slovenia covers an area of 20,273 square kilometres between the Alps, the Adriatic and the Pannonian Plain.

The Magyar invasion of the Pannonian Plain in the late 9th century effectively isolated the Slovene territory from the other western Slavs.

The port of Koper is a unique Central European sea gateway; the roads and the railway (which as early as 1857 connected Vienna and Trieste) link the Danube region with the Mediterranean, whilst north west-south east connections link Central Europe with the Balkans.

The largest part of Slovenia is taken up by the Alps, with several river sources and waterfalls and numerous endemic species of flora and Alpine fauna.

In the lower Mediterranean part of Slovenia, the limestone landscape phenomena - numerous karst sinkholes and swallow holes and more than 1,000 caves and chasms - gave the name to the branch of science known as 'karstology'.

In the south of Slovenia there is the cool and damp Dinaric, a north-eastern section of the Dinaric Alps which covers 28.1 per cent of Slovene territory.

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After the successful resistance against the nomadic Asian Avars (from 623 to 626 CE), the Slavic people united with ’s tribal confederation, whose centre was in what is now the Czech Republic.