Painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating

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Painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating

The importance of its history began 1,500 years ago.

It is around 100 miles west of Kabul in Afghanistan.

We have been able to locate [what we think is] the right temple, and excavations are continuing. So we have not been able to finish our excavations even within a year or two.

We are now studying the travel journal of a Chinese tourist from the year 632 A. to see if descriptions of a third giant Bamiyan Buddha are accurate."In archaeological work, any expected result is never a 100 percent guarantee. If we find it, this would be the largest Buddha statue in the world.

It is described as lying down horizontally with a length of about 300 meters -- and the form of the Buddha is said to have 1,000 legs."In the past three or four years, Tarzi's excavations at the eastern temple also have recovered the heads of dozens of Buddhist statues.

The busy trade because of the Silk Road as well as other routes connecting China and India made the area a cultural and economic crossroads.

In a broader region characterized by religious diversity, Muslims in Afghanistan were a minority but also the ruling class.

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Now, provided his health and funding holds out, Tarzi says he is willing to repair the newly discovered reclining Buddha.

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