Physical attractiveness and dating choice

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Others believe we unconsciously replicate our attraction to our opposite sex-parent.

Nevertheless, Wendy admitted in an individual session that she was never physically attracted to Larry. Now, it’s something I really miss and I just can’t get myself to want Larry.In nearly 35 years of practicing couple’s therapy I’ve never seen a partner “get it” when they “never had it” to begin with.I’ve seen a few who “had some” and “grew more,” but even those that were attracted to non-physical aspects of their partners (such as intellect) couldn’t seem to harvest a physical attraction.When Allison questioned Pete's desire to marry her, he wasn't able to tell her the truth.Pete realized that he couldn’t manufacture authentic physical attraction for Allison and for this he expressed tremendous guilt—little consolation for Allison.

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The biological theory offers that our nature chooses our partners for us (e.g., hormones in love); the latter three psychological explanations contend that partner choice is rooted and shaped in early youth, in relation to our parents.