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You can download the templates used in this video here. See screen shot below: In the slide finder, be sure to check “Keep Design of Original Slide” to retain the formatting, animations and other graphic elements.In Mac Power Point, inserting slides from other presentations or templates work pretty much the same way but the command is labeled differently. Otherwise Power Point will only copy the text and not slides design.Microsoft changed how slide numbers are implemented in Power Point 2007.Most Power Point users have fully embraced the new methodology, although old presentations and templates using the legacy convention still exist (particularly in larger organizations).

When the Excel window opens, open your existing worksheet, select and copy the data, and paste it into the worksheet in place of the placeholder data.I’ve put together a video tutorial about how to use the “Reuse Slides” function in Power Point 2010 and Power Point 2007 to combine slides from various templates.Note For Combining Several Animated Templates Together.To manage slide numbers, open the Slide Numbers dialog by clicking the button.The Slide Numbers dialog lets you quickly toggle the visibility of slide numbers on individual slides.

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