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Thereafter, I hv tried applied study loan in many places.

I have asked for study loan from cimb bank, public bank, oub bank, rhb bank,hong leong / hlb bank, standard chattered/STB, citi bank, bank pertanian/agro and some other foreign banks as well.

If you do early settlement after 1 year, then you only pay 11k.

But most bank will have penalty for early settlement like "RM200 or 3% of remaining principal, whichever higher".

Im applying for a personal loan of a few k with interest of 0.83 per month I need the money well to set up some stuff, but will get a return in about a year, therefore early settlement is an important point for me.

Anyway the T&C's read: Features and Benefits: - no income documents - no collateral - no guarantor - no insurance / takaful charges - preapproved based, with 90% high approval.

You've already signed for a condo, a car and 2 personal loans.

Whereas I need at least rm70k and rest I can try come out my self.- just pay in principal upon early settlement and do not need tied with remaining interest charges - no early settlement fees after 6 months (just pay in principal when early settlement) - no processing fees/ no stamp duty charges / no deduction for first repayment (full amount to be bank-in to your personal account) What I want to know is the sentence..So within a year, I want to settle my loan amount, does that mean I pay the remainder of the serviced loan including the interest, or just what I paid so far minus the loan amount. Thanks It's mean you only have to pay the amount that u loan (principal) upon early settlement, you don't need to pay the interest of the remaining loan tenure. ATenure : 3 years So you have to pay total 13k in 3 years time.I know I can't stepped back as I worked so hard to make this plan at this point. Really appreciated Bank doesnt care how you're planning to pay your current commitments when you're studying.All they know is you're going to be jobless for a year and ding ding ding alarm bell goes.


2) How are you going to sponsor your life when you're studying I personally think you're too broke to study.