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Sonic dating sim flash walkthrough

You may not put my Walkthrough/FAQ in ANY type of publication in which you or others gain benefits from it. Sonic, worried about the robot, helped him to his feet and asks if its ok. It mutters some words, but they are broken up and are incomprehensible. Four of the mini- games are multiplayer, and one of them is single player Battle Record - Shows your gameplay stats, like your most and least used character, play time and technique completion percent.However, you may print it out for your own personal use. Credits, How to Contact me and Where This Guide Can Be Seen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #---------# |Storyline| #---------# Dr. Robotnik in North America) and a strange robot are seen in his lab, with Dr. Sonic, figuring the robot is broken tells the robot to follow him to Tails\' House to be repaired. Option - You can change your language here, either Japanese or English.

Here you\'ll meet the Strange Robot, or a robot who looks like him, and they attack you! The robot is destroyed, and Sonic shouts to Tails (If he can hear him) that he\'ll be right there. Tails will tell Sonic that a robot that looks just like theirs was shown on the news and that appearently the robot that looks just like theirs robbed many jewelry stores. 2) It can copy enemy attacks through observation or by getting hit by attacks.She doesn\'t take as long as him to attack, and she can fly. For some reason, whenever the computer is Rouge, when she starts to float down, she will not move.So, plant a mine in front of her with Ground Trap or toss her into the air with Air Power. Doing cheap tricks like these makes Rouge an especially easy opponent in the game :).Sonic Battle is an awesome game, just like Sonic Advance 2, and so, I had to write a Walkthrough/FAQ for it. Battle Mode - A mode where you can have a quick battle. Head down to the white circle labelled Emerald Beach.Also note, this guide WILL have storyline spoilers, large or small, so read at your own risk. Pressing L lets you access the Maps, where you can select your favourite maps to fight on. If you do not choose a map, the game will select a map for you. After you find the strange robot, Sonic says that he and Emerl should head to Tails\' house.

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Walkthrough/FAQ for Sonic Battle (GBA) - Created by Protoman74 (Tony Brnada) If you want it on your site, please e-mail me about it at [email protected] You may not distribute this Walkthrough/FAQ in any way. The more that character loses, the larger the handicap will be. Challenge Mode - Select a character and a difficulty, and go through a series of battles, gaining a score from things like how long it took you to win, if you were the only one to K. At the end, if you get a rank depending on your score.

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