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The Uof R has licensed Sophos Antivirus for Windows 7/10, and OS X systems (10.9 and above) to be available for use on University owned equipment, including Evergreen machines, Evergreen opt-out equipment, machines purchased with APEA funds or any other Windows or Macintosh systems purchased with University funds.

It is assumed that Sophos will continue to run on Windows systems prior to Windows 7 SP1 but this has not been tested.

This guide can be found on the download page of the Computing Services website.

Additionally, the user manual for Sophos Anti Virus is installed with the product and can be viewed via the Help menu item from within the SAV program.

Additionally, when the initial install of the Sophos Antivirus product is performed, the Auto Update component is loaded on the computer and the Auto Update component becomes responsible for loading SAV and other components.

On managed systems once the Sophos endpoint software is installed it will automatically update itself periodically. This reboot can be scheduled at the users discretion but should be done as soon as possible.

If they cannot answer your SAV questions they will escalate the issue to the appropriate support staff.As such, when SAV is run on an unsupported platform it is treated as an unsupported application for the purposes of determining the level, priority, and associated costs of providing support.Please refer to the Computing Services PC Support Policy and the Computing Services Service Pricing page for more information.It is highly recommended that users upgrade or replace systems running unsupported operating systems with systems running Windows 7 SP1 or newer.Sophos Anti Virus for Mac OS X User Manual In addition to this technical note, Computing Services makes available a user oriented installation guide.

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Users should not attempt to contact Sophos directly.

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