Speed dating federal way

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Speed dating federal way

Across across a very wide range of topics and locales, the company has developed training programs as well as employee practices and standards that promote the transparency that their clients demand.

The CEO presents the Board with an ESG scorecard, because progress is material to company's shareholders, clients and employees.

National Grid is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world.

They are a signatory to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), which evaluates carbon by spend.

While many admitted to challenges, the path is clear.

While carbon reduction is one metric, there is a need to focus on other areas such as waste water, real time energy use as well as what employees are thinking.

New Digital technologies enable companies to see and test products before they reach the customers.

Using Virtual Reality, engineers can collaborate, developing new products across disparate locations.

Diabetes, a focus of Novo Nordisk for over 90 years, is a global problem with local challenges that affect outcomes.

Managing a diverse patient base has lead to innovation through local mini think tanks, area specific call centers, and inclusion training to get to unconscious biases.

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Their diversity focus has paid off in keeping their leadership in diabetes care.

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