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Tribes ascend closed beta is validating

By most analyses, an even larger number of people sickened and died in the secondary death toll due to hospitals being overwhelmed solely handling Ebola patients.At its peak, there were thousands of new cases each week. Entire extended families were wiped out, as people cared for relatives, or washed their corpses, as per custom.Part II: The (starts of a) resolution As the most scientifically significant moment of 2015, a twenty-eight-author team publishes in about the results of a Phase II clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine.Nearly 8,000 Guinean subjects, careful experimental design, 100 percent effectiveness at preventing disease occurrence when administered immediately after exposure to someone with Ebola.Well, the obvious place to start was that little paper where scientists used CRISPR technology to show that Homo naledi buried their dead next to coursing rivers on Mars.Despite that slam-dunk of a choice, my vote for the most interesting/important piece of science news comes in two parts, spanning the last twenty-five months.He was a good Samaritan who drove a sick, pregnant neighbor to the hospital, unaware that she had Ebola and thinking that her illness was pregnancy-related.

By now, everyone is familiar with the broad features of the West African Ebola virus epidemic.Villages and towns were emptied, the capitals became ghost towns as governments urged people to stay in their homes, to not touch other people.What semblance there was of healthy economies in the countries was demolished. One extreme was to deny the existence of the disease, insist it was a hoax—some quarantine centers were ransacked by crowds intent on “liberating” their relatives, burial teams were attacked when they came for bodies.Then came the doctor, back from treating Ebola in West Africa, on the loose in New York City, going to a bowling alley in Brooklyn the evening before he developed symptoms.And the returning nurse who either did or didn’t represent a health risk, and who refused to be quarantined, biking around her Maine town for photographers, asymptomatic and virus free, wearing her bike helmet.

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