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You can see from the formula bar above that the cells in this table reference cells in a different Workbook.The cell formatting that you place into the Word document is taken from the Excel formatting.It requires you to interact with the clipboard menu, which disappears and is very difficult to get back again.In order to make the data update when the original Excel sheet is updated, you need to link the cells to Excel.Choose “Yes” to get the new information you have just updated in your Excel docs.

I have tested this, and even after moving the main folder, the files still “worked,” but it’s best to be cautious.The Excel files that you want to place into the Word document should be ready before you begin.Any cross-file linking can already be established (though it is not necessary).Use the Properties button to make any desired changes (see next step below for detailed view).In my testing, Excel seems to require all the linked spreadsheets to be open in order for everything to update correctly.

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Simply select the range of Excel cells you want to copy into the Word document and then use command-C to copy.