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Package units are rated in tons of cooling capacity by air conditioning contractors, and a ton is equal to 12,000 BTU (British Thermal Units).

If you look on the manufacturer’s data plate inside the home, it will specify the recommended maximum BTU’s of capacity recommended for installation.

However, it was time…to somehow make it blend in with the rest of my Little Cottage in the City.

But with plans for a major overhaul of this room in the future, spending much (or any) money in the overhaul of this area was just not in the budget.

Mobile homes manufactured before October, 1994, met a lower insulation standard and are not included in the chart.

For older homes, we recommend consulting a licensed HVAC contractor.

So basically, this room is always in use all day, every day and needed some love and attention. First, the room was freshened up with leftover white paint and weird placed shelving found throughout the space was taken down which immediately helped this room feel larger and brighter.

Next, I searched thru my decorating closet and decided to utilize a gray striped shower curtain (which could withstand my pet and Mr.

There are two recommended tonnages for each combination: the first one is the size for Energy Star rated manufactured homes (with upgraded insulation), and the second is for homes manufactured to HUD standards beginning in October 1994.Looking around the space, I decided I needed to find something to help disguise the wall between this room and the garage.With not much to choose from, I decided to utilize a pair or tall, rowing oars and painted them white.In the coming posts, we’ll detail our project for you from start to finish.We’re happy it’s done, happy it’s no longer something we’re just talking about, and happy that we did it ourselves. It had your standard double wide flowery vinyl-covered gypsum wall board.

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Mobile Cottage) and trimmed it to size for a “skirt” on my former island turned laundry folding table.

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