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Who is amy irving dating

This description of the film is inadequate, especially at it can barely touch the performances of Ms Bozyk (her only film lead role - after a lifetime in Yiddish theater she got this, and proved she should have had many more film performances to her credit), and Sarah Miles as the loud, overbearing, matchmaker Mrs. David Hyde Pierce appears as one of Izzy's fellow employees at the bookstore - an early role for the future Niles Crane.

And Rosemary Harris appears as a "Marianne Moore" poet at a soirée, who makes the mistake of trying to patronize Krabbe (in his most sympathetic in the film - he returns the comment with interest).

Sam reinforces the story by sending Izzy a new hat (as though to suggest trying something different).

Izzy's state of mind is also confused because she has a sexual interest in a popular novelist named Anton Maas (Jerome Krabbe).

The role was initially offered to Amy Irving, who was dating director Steven Spielberg at the time. In the second Indiana Jones film, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", the role of Indy's leading lady, Willie Scott (only the most annoying female character in history of film), was played by Kate Capshaw.Amy Irving didn't figure in, except for the fact that the release of the movie coincided with her and Spielberg's heavily-contested, 0 million divorce settlement. Let's just not discuss the fourth Indiana Jones film, OK?Funny, but most of the comments here are raving about the movie, yet somehowit only scored 6.7 stars at the time of this posting.Spielberg would end up marrying Capshaw, but not before marrying — and divorcing — Amy Irving.In the third Indiana Jones film, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", the role of Indy's leading lady, Elsa Schneider (only the most treacherous female character in history of film), was played by Alison Doody.

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